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The Installation and Dedication of the Belleville Area Community Quilt "A Historical Celebration of Our Community", was held on Thursday, December 1, 1994, at the Fred C. Fischer Library, 167 Fourth Street, Belleville. The Friends of the Fred C. Fischer Library hosted the reception. The Quilt is on permanent display at the Library.

The Belleville Area Community Quilt was created by twenty-eight people who donated hundreds of hours. This monumental work consists of thirty blocks, each a twelve-inch square depicting a slice of life in the City of Belleville or the Townships of Van Buren or Sumpter. The scenes represent over 155 years of history in this area.

At the beginning of this project, each participant was given a background block of blue and two fabrics in different shades of green. Each of the quitters used her own creativity to make an individually designed block, incorporating her additional choices of fabric, color and line.

Some quilters had personal links to the scenes pictured in the quilt. others chose a scene for it's importance to the community.

The entire quilt is dedicated to the memory of Shar Tator, Co-Chair of this project, whom we all miss and whose contribution to the Arts Council cannot be adequately expressed.

Each and every quilter is to be commended on the wonderful job that was done.

Belleville Area Community Quilt Committee

Marilyn Locke, Chairperson Barbara Rogalle Miller
Kay Atkins Chesley J. Odom
Josephine Chapman Jane Wilkin
Jacqueline Copeland Jan Williams
Cynthia Enzenauer Sandra Zimmer
Sharlene Tator

Community Quilt Artists

Kay Atkins Sue Crain Chesley J. Odom
Karen Balanecki Elizabeth Devore Rosemary Otzman
Peggy Balestrieri Cynthia Enzenauer Bernice Rickard
Renee Bell Mary Jane Ferrett Pat Ryback
Christine Bentley Susan Jaszcz Eugenia Uchman
Helena Bunyea Leland Jordan Leora (Lee) Upton
Josephine Chapman Marilyn Greca Locke Jane Wilkin
Linda Collier Deanna McQueen Jan Williams
Jacqueline Copeland Kathleen Merecki Miller Sandra Robson Zimmer
Doris Courtney Catharine A. Odom  

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