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Got potholes? Or any other road hazards

April 12, 2018

Got potholes? Or any other road hazards

Did you just hit a man-eating pothole or dodge a mattress on a freeway that fell off a truck? Maybe you just passed through an intersection where the traffic signal wasn’t working or saw a missing stop sign. Wayne County wants to know about it so they can take care of it. Here’s how you can help us solve your road problems in Wayne County:

Report hazards at 1-888-ROAD CREW 

By calling this 24-hour, toll-free number, you will talk to a road maintenance employee who will take your information and direct it to the appropriate crew for action. Don’t worry if the hazard you report is in Wayne County, but may not be on a county-operated road, they’ll take any report that isn’t theirs and pass it along immediately to the appropriate city or state agency.